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Imprinted Memories

Presented at Now! Le Off Paris Design Week 2016. 

Ceramics collection of everyday objects inspired in indigenous usages and productive techniques. It is first and foremost a tribute to indigenous cultures and its prevalence in a world where globalisation tends to erase local identities and cultures.

PH: Santiago Testorelli

Imprinted Memories

Production Process

The productive process is inspired in an ancient indigenous technique called imprinted ceramic. This old technique, characteristic from the Comechingones ethnic community from Córdoba Argentina, consists in using woven basketry made of Caranday palm as mould to make ceramics.

Wood wear

Wooden Apparel project made in collaboration with Mia Soifer Designer and Gruba Studio for The Design and Wood Festival organised by DARA. 
Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Sushi kit

Sushi tray made of folded wood with a ceramic dish designed for Estudio Granada.

Córdoba, Argentina. 


Coat rack made of folded wood for Estudio Granada.

Córdoba, Argentina. 

Grab me

Doorhandle design for the Hands on Doorhandles Design Competition.

grab me-08
grab me-07
grab me-04
grab me-06
grab me-03
grab me-05
grab me -icon
grab me-02
grab me-01
Espiga Azul

Lamp with two states that display a mood change. When open it emits a clear white light, and when closed it emits a soft blue light.

Anahí Jewelry

Ear rings, pendant and ring made of silver with citrine stones for Anahí Jewelry.

Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia 

Disposable dustbin

The recycled bin is a symbiosis of traditional bin and plastic bag that protects it. The aim is to simplify the unpleasant task of taking out the trash but also in mass use would significantly reduce pollution by plastic bags. They are made of a biodegradable paper coated with a biodegradable plastic sheet made of corn or beetroot.

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