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Imprinted Memories (glass)

Blown glass version of the Imprinted Memories project. This project aims to transpose the original imprinted ceramics technique to glass blowing keeping the textures of the baskets used as moulds. 

The imprinted ceramic technique, characteristic from the Comechingones ethnic community from Córdoba Argentina, consists in using woven basketry made of Caranday palm as mould to make ceramics.

The choice of material is not hazardous. The transparency and fragility of glass seem appropriate to transmit ​​the fragility of indigenous cultures nowadays. 

Blowing conveys the idea of ​​breath, which by metaphor is associated with life. The blowing of glass therefore metaphorically represents a desire to give a breath to this culture, to help it live.


Blowing is also a way of making solid something intangible, here the cultural heritage of the ethnic group in question. This idea of ​​giving life by breath is inspired in Giuseppe Penone's sculpture Le souffle (The Breath). 

"Recalling the ancient biblical myth of Creation where the breath of Yahweh is the giver of life, as also the Greek myth of Prometheus and Athena, where the breath of divinity animates inert matter, the artist is the one who gives life To matter, infusing it with anima.” (LEONI-FIGINI, Margherita about Penone’s work)  

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