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Reading Chair

Wood chair with footrest. 

Group project: Natalia Baudoin, Patricia Ferraris, Cristian Mendez and Leandro Fernández. 


Outdoor armchair made of two parts which turn into a backpack. It has a bamboo structure and a Caranday palm woven containers. 

Project made with José Ryan and Quinua Arquitectura Studio for the Sillón de Exterior Latino Design Competition, Univerisdad de Palermo. 


The main objective of this project is to try to give a personality to the object through its shape and its material. This cabinet can hold everyday objects one usually carries in the hands or pockets and generally don’t have a precise place in the house. The tips are really legs oriented in all directions. The cabinet can move in all directions thus illustrating its mobile and therefore "autonomous" nature, caractéristic of pets.


This bench is inspired by the structure of a carapace as that of the armadillo. The idea is to surprise the user: at first sight the object seems rigid and when sitting we find that is soft and padded.


This coffee table can be articulated and fit the space it will occupy. Its shape is inspired by a centipede and its structure is similar to that of the spine.

Fitting room mirror

Designed for fitting rooms, this mirror allons the user to decide whether to see him or herself in full body or whether to see only parts of his/her body. Touch can "activate" or "deactivate" the reflective properties of the mirror areas.

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